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Internet Marketing Services

In the last several years. Internet Marketing has exploded in importance as a business tool and its impact continues to grow and evolve at a rapid rate. New tools and applications become available on a regular basis. You need someone who has experience in this ever-growing area. We are ready to help you develop and implement a long-term strategy, design and implement an eZine campaign, or strengthen your internet presence using Facebook FanPages, eBooks,blogs and article campaigns.

Why You Need to Develop an Internet Marketing Strategy

  • Internet Marketing offers a highly cost-effective marketing and advertising channel;

  • Internet Marketing provides an idea way to connect with a highly targeted audience that continues to expand its use of the Internet for business purposes;

  • Marketing content can be distributed through several mediums, such as eZines, blogs, Facebook FanPages, eBooks, videos, article distribution; and

  • A well-developed Internet Marketing Strategy is highly measurable, and can be evaluated and optimized as trends develop over time.

Why Work with EmKo?

  • Our broad experience in electronic media design allows us to create a strategy that is focused and utilizes a range of tools to optimize exposure and improve results;

  • Our commitment to continuing education means you will have a team that utilizes the most current, cutting-edge strategies (Emily has been certified as an Internet Marketing Specialsist by VAClassroom); and

  • We have experience in all facets of Internet Marketing and can develop an overall strategy that includes an implementation plan, evaluation of competition, and method for measuring success.

Initial Consultations for all our services are provided at no cost or obligation

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